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Last Updated: Jan. 11, 2003

The Arabic Tutor CD is now only US$44.95 (incl. S/H to USA/Canada). See the online orders page for details.
New sites – here are a few Arabic sites (in Arabic) to help you in locating new resources:
Faharis – a collection of categories, links, news etc.
Ashya Net – index, categories and news
Microsoft Arabia Arabic products and solutions from Microsoft (mostly in Arabic)
Ajeeb (E-A translation)
Al-Misbar (E-A translation)
Free Translation (Eng, Ger, Fre, Spa)
Zorona (news, search etc. in Arabic)
Arab Vista (search and directory)
Al-Qamoos multilingual dictionary
Tarjim (English to Arabic)
Al-Buraq – Gateway to Palestine: News, phone directory, references etc.
Khayma.Com – hosted sites and directory
Dalil2000 – a comprehensive web index
Arab Computing – computer technology and help
Arab Wide Web – various channels and news
Sendbad directory – another Arabic directory
Al-Muakhat – news and culture, from Somalia
Help for the visually impaired – Braille resources, and other useful links
Arab lawyers Network – legal resources

We do ask for your patience and please do not submit company and pure commercial sites to the index, we can’t include these there.
CVs (Resumes) and asking for personal favors: We are sorry, but we don’t have openings at the moment and we are not accepting CVs – these get deleted right away.

Requests for personal favors, like writing your name in Arabic and/or translating a phrase or word can’t be satisfied either. We also ignore these because we get so many of them on a daily basis and we don’t have time/resources to say sorry to each.

For those of you who made a resolution to learn Arabic, please have a look at our learn Arabic section. We can help!

Arabic Online School:

– posted lesson 1 of level II (A 102) in the public area (requires login, info at school reception desk)

– added three sections to lesson 11 of Arabic 101 online course (this link requires login info. If you are not a user yet, see details on how to learn Arabic in two weeks)

New sites: a number of sites were checked and added to our Arabic Web Index. Please note that sites with links to links or those with heavy advertising do not qualify. We do not list incomplete and company sites (please try commercial directories for commercial sites)
Easy-Arabic is now in one file for easy download and installation.
Now available: Arabic 101 (beginners) online course – learn Arabic online using your browser.

Free Easy-Arabic registration: download Easy-Arabic and register it for free if you have The Arabic Tutor or an A101 admission.
New phone number: please note our new phone number under How to Contact Us. The new time zone is also different. We now have both a fixed and a mobile phone. Of course, you can always communicate with us via e-mail.

Arabic Web Guide – Best Arabic Sites: an Arabized version (re-organized Yahoo-style) of Arabic sites in Arabic text. We are still adding sites (must be in Arabic language), so please feel free to submit sites you don’t see listed. Please do not submit sites under construction.

Arabic online media is now fully Arabized. Please let us know if we did not list your favorite papers (if they are already online).
Ask Arabic2000: Where can I find … ? updated – offers answers to questions asked (or searched for) repeatedly by our visitors
Now available: Common Arabic Words and Phrases – with Arabic script and real audio pronunciation

Updated How to read Arabic on the Internet. Info about MSIE5 (windows 95/98 and NT4 or later – now can read Arabic on Latin Windows) and CyberDog (Macintosh)

Updated Arabic Web Index and added all relevant entries. Entries in the wrong category and those exceeding limit were ignored. We do ask you to read the instructions carefully before submitting. Please do not re-submit if your site is already listed – our system may remove both! Also, don’t paste from rich text or HTML – we do not accept that and it won’t make it to our index.

Updated the Arabic Newspapers and Online Publications section of Arabic web index. We now list more than 60 newspapers and magazines in Arabic from all Arab countries except Iraq and Libya. If you know of any newspapers not listed, please let us know. all links were tested and verified.

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