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Saving time and money by using offline features:

If you are paying too much for connection time (e.g. in some countries, you pay for phone connection per unit on top of your Internet access fees), there is no need to read everything while still on-line. An easy solution is to save the document you are interested in (under FILE, SAVE AS in your browser) and view it when you disconnect (fire up the browser and Open local file).

Of course, if the document contains images or links that are on different pages, you’ll lose these. There are many programs (retail, shareware or even free ones) that allow you to read offline and manage most of the links etc. These range in size, price, functionality and platform (also 16- or 32-bits). A very useful site with reviews and links to these and many other useful programs (internet and otherwise) is at .

From the drop down list choose offline web page readers or: click Internet Apps, then choose Web browsers and utilities then offline readers. Make sure you browse all the available programs before downloading one. Some are 4 Megabytes, some are a couple hundred Kilobytes in size, let alone price and function or platform.

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