Help and FAQ

Currently Available Topics:

  1. How to read Arabic text on the Internet (W3) (using Windows, Unix, Mac OS etc.)
  2. what is this funny text I see on my screen?
  3. About Internet abuse, junk E-mail (spamming), security and privacy
  4. How to Save valuable time and money by using offline features
  5. How to Surf (browse) the web effeciently
  6. How to Find information (anything) quickly
  7. How to Build your own (or your company’s) web page (in Arabic, English or both)
  8. Netscape or MSIE? Which browser is the best?
  9. About Buying things Online
  10. What happened to that e-mail I sent you? I haven’t heard back yet.
  11. Where can I find ….? (questions asked by our visitors)
  12. Where can I get info on Arabic software, free software, Arabic audio and music, Arabic food stores, Arabic bookstores, Arabic and Islamic items in general.