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Building my own/our company’s web page:

Your internet service provider (ISP) is supposed to give you a few initial hints (mostly about what operating system they run: Unix, VMS a.k.a. VAX or Windows NT etc) and what directory to put your homepage in (usually public_html for Unix and [WWW] for VAX). From now on, it’s a matter of writing the source documents for your website. Is it difficult? Not really. There are a few approaches:
If you are in a hurry or want quality design (especially if you want to use both English and Arabic), try to hire a professional to do the job. Check out our Global Business Directory or simply count on our services.

The most original approach is to learn the basics and build a simple page then keep modifying it as you learn more (on your own or by looking at other people’s work – not blind copying and no violation of copyrights either!)

Another way is by using one of those HTML Wordprocessors or filters and there are plenty of them out there from freeware to shareware to betas and commercial ones: HotMetal, HotDog, Homesite, PageMill, MS FrontPage and countless others (some browsers have authoring tools also like Netscape Gold and MSIE 4.x). The catch here is that you must learn the HTML processor itself (not difficult for most) and you have to keep updating them for the new standard(s).

The other alternative is to use your favorite wordprocessor and save the document as html. MS Word 97 and most recent versions of competitive wordprocessors offer this feature.

There are also a few things to keep in mind when planning and putting your web online: to be brief, don’t use circus colors, too many inline graphics, darkish background or difficult to read text, avoid large file sizes, invest in easy navigation and minimize the number of clicks needed to reach a target, get rid of “click here” to go to .., don’t use those “under construction” banners and consider the diversity of your audience.

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