Arabic Web Index

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  • Arabic internet guides (web directories with Arabic focus): Like their English counterparts, these sites contain indexes of Arabic and related sites arranged by category. Some allow you to search as well.
  • Arabic search engines: Sites where you can look up a keyword or phrase in Arabic (sites with text in graphics format will not show up, of course). Most search their own collection of material and reviewed or submitted URLs.
  • Arabic computing – commercial software and hardware: These are companies with Arabic software and/or Arabic hardware products who maintain a regularly updated web site.
  • Arabic computing – free software, utilities, info, help, FAQ’s and shareware: Apart from shareware sites, this category includes all sites with free Arabic related info, help and FAQ’s as well as FTP sites which contain Arabic programs and utilities.
  • Arabic newspapers and magazines online (with free access) : Here, you’ll find Arabic newspapers, magazines and periodicals which are published regularly and allow free, unconditional access.
  • Arabic online publications (books, poetry, leaflets etc) with free access : Here, you’ll find free Arabic literature online including books, poetry, leaflets, know-how etc.
  • Online stores/sites with Arabic and related merchandise and services : These include mail order bookstores, language consulting and related services (like translation), Arabic music, audio and so on.
  • Arab educational and research institutions and those with Arabic program : Arab universities and research institutes / centers with special focus on Arabic and related studies
  • Arab cultural and heritage sites (incl. arts, literature etc) : Sites with rich material related to the Arabic culture and heritage (preferably shared across the Arab world). Things like poetry, proverbs, food recipes and places are good examples
  • Arab/Arabic professional and NGO organizations : Web sites of not-for-profit, non-governmental organizations, associations and professional bodies (no politics or political parties!)
  • Miscellaneous Arabic and related sites : what was not mentioned above, interesting pages and impressive personal pages.