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Note: This is retired content. Please see our home page for active products. You can also check our Arabic Learning Resources page (Arabic alphabet, common Arabic words and phrases ... etc.)

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Welcome to the Arabic School Online!
Note: levels I and II (Arabic 101, Arabic 102) of this service are essentially covered in our software title: The Arabic Tutor 2.1x (MS Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT4 - does not require Arabic support).

Browser Compatibility Test: (free lesson)
This test is designed to check if your browser supports instructional features in our Arabic courses. We chose features which are compatible with most common browsers.
The first thing you need to do to complete the test is to login using the following username and password:
Username: guest5
Password: guest5a
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Sounds, where available, are in Real Audio version 3.1 (they won't work with earlier versions of Real Player). If you don't have the recent version of Real Player, you can download it (free) from (current version is 5)
Animation is supported by most fairly recent browsers, especially versions 3.x or later. For JavaScript capability, you need Netscape 3.x or later or MSIE 4.x or later. We use JavaScript version 1.1 in these online courses. If you access the web from school or work, some features may be turned off by your network administrator.
If you failed to login to our test area (using guest5, guest5a), you may need to update your browser. This is especially true for users of AOL (America Online) older versions. Note that you can use any browser after you access the Internet using AOL.

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